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We are is the leading company specialized in immigration consultancy dedicated to helping individuals travel to the United States, affiliated with the UT law firm GovAssist Legal which provides legal services on immigration matters. We have offered superlative assistance to more than 250000 clients so far, and we are preparing for a business expansion.  
The most important aspects of our recruitment process are self-awareness and collaboration. We seek colleagues who have a clear understanding of themselves and what they wish for in their professional path. This means we collaborate with individuals who not only possess the right skills but also made the conscious decision to look for a company in our industry. We welcome the chance to get to know you, and we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that consists of a variety of backgrounds, cultures, languages, experiences, preferences, and characteristics. 
GovAsisst is actively seeking resourceful and enthusiastic Customer Service Representatives to collaborate with as a part of our global consulting team. We think of You as an independent, high-achieving individual, able to stand out in an entrepreneurial environment and excel through self-motivation and personal drive. 
* as a team member, you will constantly promote and preserve GovAssists dedication to providing an outstanding experience.  
* we expect you to thrive in a fast-paced environment where you will approach the unexplored and unprecedented as an opportunity to unravel solutions outstandingly. 
* you will handle a generous volume of inquiries via multiple channels (calls, chats, e-mails) – this is the reason why a solid background in a similar customer service position is required (at least two years), besides being an upbeat and proactive listener.
* each team member takes ownership of their work but can always engage others for assistance when necessary (we pride ourselves on our strong team spirit and are always keen to help our colleagues). 
* multiple time zones collaboration: documentation and communication are key. 
* autonomy in your time management: fully remote, flexible intervals while enhancing the living you lead. 
If you are: 
* faultless in written and spoken English and Spanish. 
* adaptable, flexible, and comfortable with ambiguity. 
* a people person, genuine helper: empathetic with customer goals, frustrations, and circumstances. 
* security and privacy-focused; maintaining the companys privacy and data protection processes are crucial. 
* customer-centric and business-oriented mindset.  
* comfortable with technology and technical terminology. 
* organized and detail-oriented; one tiny error will lead to prejudicious repercussions.  
* have the ability to communicate effectively with individuals from different backgrounds and levels of comprehensiveness and experience. 
* experienced with complex situations, know when and how to maintain your position, and have a dynamic approach to adapting to changing requirements. 
You may need to adjust to different hours and intervals, but we do our best to accommodate time zones based on the team and location. 
And own: 
* a workstation equipped with an Intel i5 equivalent or newer, and 16GB or more RAM (you will be using highly resource-consuming apps, the reason for mentioned processing power being necessary). 
* a second monitor and noise-canceling headset.  
* high-speed internet connection: +30 MBPS with less than 100 secs latency. 
Then let us meet!
The starting hourly rate for this role is $6/h, and we are expecting a full-time and long-term collaboration.
You will: 
* provide consultancy and support while helping our customers complete the necessary steps in becoming Green Card holders or permanent citizens, as well as travel across the United States for tourism or business matters; we are expecting you to be fully confident while taking ownership in representing this spectrum of client’s experience. 
* be a role model leading our support readiness for existing and predicted challenges and sharing ideas to improve the quality of the teams customer support service. 
* onboard and integrate yourself into the GovAssist team and become familiar with the various platforms and systems we utilize while offering timely and outstanding support. 
* be diligent in attending training sessions and keeping up with knowledge assembled industry-related on our service offerings and products. 
* learn how talent is sourced and empowered through the GovAssist network and effectively balance responsibilities to ensure the highest efficiency and productivity. 
* build high-touch, consultative, and strong customer relationships through regular and open communications. 
* collaborate with a forward-thinking, globally distributed, and fully remote team. 
* constantly provide feedback and let your management line know how they can help you achieve your goals and potential. 
* will keep practicing and gaining fluency while basic skills are mastered, allowing you to take on newer, more exciting challenges across our company. 
* contribute to peer success through creativity and sharing critical constructive feedback. 
* suggest and challenge current practices and processes to improve the experience for our users and the team. 
* document solutions for the knowledge base and share innovation and automation excellence ideas.
     We are keen to hear from individuals who believe they can have valuable input and are identifying themselves with our mission and environment.

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