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nNeco is the cryptocurrency for the common good. We generate profits, provide universal basic income and protect the climate. Our vision is to build a sustainable financial system that serves the people and the planet.nTasksnnWe are looking for an experienced Blockchain / Full Stack developer (Rust) to build our Stackchain crypto platform. Imagine Stackchain as the Blockchain 2.0 – a faster, more efficient and more secure version of Blockchain technology. Our vision is to build a powerful crypto platform for decentralization and tokenization. Stackchain is the Distributed Ledger Technology powering Neco, the cryptocurrency for the common good.nnSkills: Rust, Node.js, Git, SQL, noSQL, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, REST, API, JSON, Agile, Scrum, Unit testing, Performance testing, Integration testing, Google Apps Script, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Encryption, Security, Cryptocurrencies, dApps.nRequirementsnnExperience:nnn* Development experience: 5 years or more (Rust, Node.js, GitHub)nn* Strong expertise with databases (SQL, noSQL, MongoDB, Redis) and data analyticsnn* Blockchain and crypto experience (Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts, encryption)nn* Experience with cloud computing platforms (AWS, Google Cloud Platform) and deployment (Kubernetes, Docker)nn* Experience with Web API development (REST, JSON, XML) and system integrationnn* Ability to write efficient, secure code (unit, performance and security testing)nn* Experience with agile development (Scrum)nn* Prior experience with other distributed ledger technologies (Corda, Hyperledger) is a plusnn* Prior experience with Google Sheets and Google Apps Script is a plusnn* Fluent in written and spoken EnglishnnnnnYou should be self-motivated, able to work autonomously without supervision, and manage your time and tasks reliably. In our non-hierarchical organization, you are your own boss and empowered to make all decisions required to fulfill the accountabilities of your role:nnn* Designing and developing the Stackchain platformnn* Writing unit, integration and performance testsnn* Writing efficient and secure codenn* Researching related technologies and componentsnn* Deploying and upgrading the softwarenn* Documenting the code and the software componentsnn* Maintaining the software and bug fixingnn* Writing the Stackchain API and system interfacesnnnnnWe are a virtual organization of geographically dispersed teammates collaborating via the internet. We do not have employees and work only with contractors (freelancers and partner companies). This role requires an average capacity of 30h per week, depending on projects and workload. You can work remotely from any location and manage your time freely. We offer good payment, great flexibility, unlimited vacation, exciting projects, lifelong universal basic income (pension) and the opportunity to profit from Neco’s success.nBenefitsnnBenefits include:nnn* Work from remote: we are a virtual organization of remote workers collaborating via the internet and video conferences. All our partners work remotely.nn* Universal basic income: Neco offers universal basic income (UBI) to all members unconditionally. You can receive UBI in addition to your normal income for the rest of your life. The monthly UBI allowance depends on your Karma level.nn* Payment in crypto: get paid in Neco tokens instead of fiat money. Neco offers many advantages such as quarterly earnings, no inflation, no banking fees, no transaction fees, no interest, instant global payment, low risk, low volatility, carbon-neutralitynn* Unlimited vacation: our flexible working model TTT offers great flexibility and unlimited vacation. You are responsible to manage your time and tasks reliably.nn* Performance-based payment: the higher your performance, the higher your hourly rate.nnnnnThe Neocracy is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and with strong values and ethical standards. Radical transparency and honesty are core elements of our corporate culture. Our community can participate in the decision-making process through Collexa, a system of collective intelligence (CI). nn#Salary and compensationn No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on similar jobs related to Crypto, Finance, Cloud, API and Digital Nomad jobs that are similar:nn $60,000 $105,000/yearn
nn#Benefitsn 🏖 Unlimited vacationnn

Tagged as: Developer, SQL

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