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Co-founders Jason Duncan and Robin Miller met in the summer of 2008, working together at the University of Alberta on the same Computing Science research project, ScriptEase. The two became friends easily and found that they worked well together, sharing a passion for good design and software craftsmanship, as well as complementary outlooks on life, society, and humour.Fast forward a few years. Neither are students any longer, but both longed for the freedom they once had as system architects and as leaders in their department’s student council. Jason was suffocating under thick, woolen layers of bureaucracy, and Robin had no desire continue in the workforce as an employee. Together they decided that starting a business was the best course of action for themselves, their community, and the world.All that was needed was a name. After several lists, one name stood out. In the Japanese 9th century court, Sugawara no Michizane was a scholar, poet, ambassador, and consultant. His downfall was the plot of a rival, and he was banished to die in exile. After his death, the court was pummeled with vicious storms. Those storms ceased when he was deified as the shinto kami Tenjin, the spirit of learning and scholarship.Our society today is beset by a storm. Our storm thunders with the crashes of a thousand applications and howls with the frustration of a million users. Our storm is one that the software industry has allowed to rage. Now is the time for scholarship, for learning, and for intellect. Now is the time for honour, for compassion, and for craftsmanship. People deserve better from their software, and Tenjin will be one to bring it to them. Tenjin is not perfect, but it is better every day.Now is the time for Tenjin.

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  • Tenjin Inc: Senior Backend Developer (Python) expired
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